By following these 10 simple steps, you are assured that you are on your way to your next beautiful apartment in Houston. Leave the heavy work to us. We are here for you every step of the way and will make sure that we do everything on our end to make you a happy life-long client!

Let us know what type of home you are wanting by filling out our short apartment inquiry form or better yet, just call us at 713-783-1441.

One of our friendly, licensed agents will make a customized list of places according to the information you supplied on the form or on the phone.

Our professional agent will email you the customized list of apartments for you to review.

The agent will then call the property, letting them know you are coming to tour the unit(s) available for possible leasing.

Contact our agent to let him/her know which place(s) you are interested in visiting.

Whichever complex you choose, simply fill out their lease application and please remember to write your agent's name with "Apartment Living Locators" where it asks "How were you referred to their property"
  *Note* (It's always a good idea to allow our agent to go over the application with you before turning it in)

Wait a day or two for the property to let you know that you are approved.  If for any strange reason you're not approved, simply contact our agent for further assistance.

The property will have you come back for final paperwork before move-in (sign lease contract), pay rent and pick up keys to your new home.

Enjoy your new apartment home!

Always feel free to contact our agents during any part of this process.  Also, we love referrals and Google Reviews are a plus!